Unloading of the next lot of building materials and equipment from m/t “Igor Ilyinsky” to the cape of Schmidt for the needs of the Ministry of Defence of RF is finished. Due to hard ice conditions passage of convoy of the vessels to the place of cargo unloading finished at the time when coast ice started breaking. In order to provide building at due time, to the place of unloading there were mobilized 2 helicopters Ka-32 of the company “Avialift Valdivostok”. The aviators made more than 1500 lifts from 19.06 till 05.07 thus they managed to unload the cargo during maximum short period. At the moment vessel “Igor Ilyinsky” and diesel ice-breaker "Admiral Makarov" are on the way to the port of registration Vladivostok. M/t "Abakan" follows to the Wrangel Island for unloading the cargo to the shore by other vessels.