Company data

Full corporate name: Joint Stock Company "Belomortrans"
Short corporate name: JSC "Belomortrans"

OGRN (registration number): 1022900524789
INN (tax number): 2927000036
KPP (code of the reason of statement on the tax account): 770701001
ОКVED (code of statistics): 52.29
ОКPО (code of statistics): 10358530
ОКАТО (code of statistics): 45286585000

Legal address: st. Lesnaya, h. 43, room 25, Moscow, 127055
Postal address: Khimki, Leningradskaya Street, estate 39, bldg. 6, Moscow region, 141402
Telephone number/Fax: +7 (495) 514-02-55/56


Bank details: PJSC SBERBANK, ave. Marshala Zhukova, h. 58, build 1, Moscow, 123154
Loro account: 30101810400000000225
BIC: 044525225
Settlement account:
40702810338000081206 — Rubles
40702840938000005539 — US dollars
40702978138000004710 — EURO

General director: Anna N. Ermolaeva

Company documents

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