We has developed our own software based on MS Access — "Condor", MSSQL Server acts as a data storage runs like ERP system.

How we came to creating our own software

Back in 2012, our company was faced with the task of organizing accounting and document management for a warehouse logistics outsourcing project at the fields in the Nenets Autonomous District. At that moment, we used 1C "Warehouse", but we faced a serious problem — the program was too "heavy" to work in the conditions of an unstable Internet, and in fact it was also very expensive as the local Internet is satellite.

To solve this problem, we developed the FOX software, which was sharpened for the needs of our Customer and was distinguished by an in-depth focus on nomenclature and commodity accounting with extended linking to the Customer’s reporting documents.

The FOX software was the prototype of our current product, the "Condor" software.

In 2018 our company used several different programs to organize the internal operating activities:

  • Electronic Document Management System — for administration;
  • 1C "Enterprise" — for finance and personnel management;
  • Software "Condor" — for warehouse accounting;
  • Bitrix24 — as CRM.

All these programs were scattered, although they met their objectives. But we decided to create our own software that combines the integration of all the main processes and tasks — extended ERP system. And we did it.

Software Condor

Condor software main blocks

  • Administration — electronic document management system (incoming and outgoing letters, internal documents of the company, agreement of contractors)
  • Projects — warehouse and transport accounting by divisions of the company
  • Commercial department — implemented CRM task, accounting of incoming requests, accounting of tender procedures, etc.
  • Legal department — there is a system for negotiating contracts within the company, as well as other legal documents and procedures
  • Personnel — implemented simplified personnel records, drawing up timesheets, automation of personnel workflow for shift workers
  • Supply — accounting and operational control of the company’s activities in terms of its own supply (procurement of goods and materials, control of fuel consumption, control of transport operation, etc.)

In fact, each block is a separate module that can be used independently of the others, depending on the tasks of the company, but they must all have integration with the "Administration" block.

Basic principles of "Condor" software

  1. End-to-end linking to a unique counterparty — the counterparty is entered into the system once and all further operations in other blocks with this counterparty are linked together.
  2. Binding to an employee — each software user has its own "role" with a set of rights and restrictions.
  3. Generation of reports on any database — the ability to generate reporting forms according to the specified parameters within each block in accordance with the tasks, and it is also possible to integrate complex summary reports on data from several blocks.
  4. Possibility of implementing various reporting forms according to the sample.
  5. Uploading data exchange with 1C by exporting and importing uploads.
  6. All WMS functionality in a simple adaptive version with the ability not only to account for the material and technical resources themselves, but also to account for transactions associated with it.

The "Condor" software is suitable solution for the following companies:

Freight forwarding companies (2PL) — full functionality without the Supply and Personnel blocks will allow you to set up and streamline the company’s operating activities.

Warehouse operators (as well as 3PL) — a simple WMS with the ability to customize accounting according to the requirements of the Customer and additional functionality to systematize the company’s operating activities.

Transport companies with their own fleet of equipment — full functionality with all blocks will allow you to streamline and systematize the company’s activities.

For complex logistics operators operating in autonomous territories (as well as 4PL) — this software was created for such a company from the beginning and will be a significant relief in setting up work taking into account remoteness and limited Internet connection.

The software is licensed and requires maintenance and customization to meet the needs of your company.

If you are interested, we will conduct a remote presentation of the Condor software capabilities for you and answer all your questions.

Belomortrans software

  • Belomortrans software presentation
    PDF, 493 Kb

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