Inbound control, accounting and document management services

Inbound Control

Our company provides inbound control services when products are received at safekeeping warehouses.

The main task of incoming control is to check the quality, completeness, labeling, packaging, characteristics and properties of the supplied products for compliance with transport documents, orders and technical documentation for their production, quality certificates of manufacturers, as well as determining the causes of inconsistencies (if possible).

Inbound control makes it possible to timely identify discrepancy in the quality and completeness of the received materials and equipment. It also minimizes the risks of implementation and putting on the balance sheet materials and equipment that do not meet the requirements of supply contracts and other technical documentation.

Inbound control, accounting and document management services

The main measures of incoming control of JSC "Belomortrans":

  • Acceptance of materials and equipment in terms of quality, quantity and completeness;
  • Participation in commissions for the acceptance of materials and equipment with the Customer;
  • Drawing up material exception reports (MER);
  • Sampling (if necessary) and registration of the results of acceptance and sampling.

Inbound control is carried out by professional employees who have the appropriate certificates, and at least 2 years of work experience.

All specialists of JSC "Belomortrans" are provided with the necessary technical means, control and measuring equipment.

Our company offers services of inbound control and packaging as an additional service to the organization of secure storage, regardless of the logistics operator.

Customers can use this service at their production bases and sites, where they organizes warehouse logistics on their own or where other logistics operators are already present. In this case, we offer the option of attracting mobile teams of our specialists.

Document management

Our experience of working with customers in the industrial sector has shown the need of implementation of separate accounting and document management service. Many of our clients, in addition to the standard set of warehouse documents, need to create their own forms of accounting and reporting documents.

Usually, companies’ own staff perform this process, but in the case of working on intermediate accumulation bases, they face the question of whether to send its own specialists or receive this service in the form of outsourcing from a professional operator.

By engaging JSC "Belomortrans" as a specialized provider of accounting and document management services, the Customer solves several important issues:

  • Saving money and resources for the business trip of its staff members;
  • The risks associated with the recruitment of new untrained employees in the region of the temporary storage base are eliminated;
  • Customer has an ability to quickly implement the required reporting forms in the software of JSC "Belomortrans" with their subsequent unloading in electronic and paper versions.

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