Outsourcing of warehouse logistics

JSC "Belomortrans" acts as a professional outsourcing contractor of warehouse operations, concentrating the costs of warehouse logistics and resource costs to ensure warehouse operations.

The outsourcing service of warehouse logistics becomes necessary for an enterprise to optimize existing procedures, in particular, to concentrate on its primary operations.

The customer delegates the standard routine operations to the Contractor, who independently manages the technical and human resources.

Thereby, the Customer retains the overall management of the process, controls the key performance indicators of the warehouse, and transfers the costs of warehouse logistics into controlled costs of the enterprise.

Outsourcing of warehouse logistics

Benefits of transferring warehouse logistics to outsourcing:

  • Reducing operational risks
  • Optimization of costs for the maintenance of personnel and equipment
  • Optimization of the staffing
  • Delegation of the risks from possible losses due to the damage or misplacement of goods and materials
  • Savings on WMS implementation

Warehouse logistics outsourcing has significant differences from secure storage. In fact, outsourcing already includes secure storage, but also it contains a number of additional services:

  • In the case of secure storage, it is assigned to one specific warehouse in which the logistics operator works. When outsourcing, a logistics operator can manage several warehouse complexes within the framework of one contract;
  • Outsourcing of warehouse logistics may be organized at sites owned by the Customer;
  • Outsourcing of warehouse logistics may also include a range of services including the selection and contracting of warehouses / storage facilities, if you are unable to locate any available in your region;
  • Outsourcing of warehouse logistics can be functionally and technically integrated into the Customer’s production process.

JSC "Belomortrans" has been outsourcing warehouse logistics of companies since 2012. The main projects implemented for this type of service include the outsourcing of warehouse logistics at the A. Titov and R. Trebs field, complex logistics services for NOVATEK in Murmansk, the project for the construction of a CSKMS in the village of Belokamenka.

How our company operates:

  • We study the TOR in details; determine with the Customer the main requirements for the project, the specifics of the provision of services, the expected result of the partnership.
  • Based on the TOR, we form the basic outline of the project (technical equipment, number of personnel, necessary operations).
  • We go directly to the location where services will be provided, assess the climatic and geographical features of the area, infrastructure, etc.
  • Next, a detailed plan for the project is prepared, including the delegation of technical resources and personnel support, a mobilization schedule and budget.
  • At the final stage of signing a contract and starting work, a detailed roadmap of operations is drawn up, according to which the project is being implemented — outsourcing of warehouse logistics at the field.

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