International transportation

Our company provides international cargo transportation services by various modes of transport as part of the complex logistics of fields and construction of industrial facilities.

Modern technologies used in the construction of oil-fuel and gas industry facilities largely imply the use of machinery and equipment manufactured by foreign companies.

The contractual terms for such deliveries can be completely different, and quite often the responsibility for delivery to the final destination falls directly on the supplier.

We have several options for cooperation on international supplies within the logistics of industrial projects:

  • The supplier appoints our company to organize logistics from the place of cargo pickup to the destination.
  • The supplier appoints a foreign company to organize all logistics, and in this case, we cooperate with our foreign colleagues in a certain stage of transportation.

The second option is usually either project logistics or field logistics — all operations take place on the territory of the Russian Federation.

International transportation
International transportation

In the first case, our company takes over the entire implementation of cargo delivery, which may include:

  • Sea container transportation;
  • Transportation of general cargo by water transport (river&sea);
  • International road transport;
  • Project and oversized transportation by mixed modes of transport;
  • Surveying services;
  • Organization of loading and unloading operations;
  • Consulting services for the preparation of necessary documents;
  • Preparation of cargo placement and cargo securing operations.

We carry out international transportation of oversized and heavy cargo from the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia through the ports of Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok. For these purposes, it is preferable to charter a ship.

We cooperate with several customs brokers to arrange customs procedures. In the case of cargo delivery directly to the Arctic zone, it is possible to open a customs control zone directly on the ship.

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