Handling and operation of fuel storages

Since most of the objects of the oil and gas industry are autonomous from the main infrastructure, fuel is delivered during the periods of winter / summer navigation, or along winter roads, tank farms are used for fuel storage.

If your company has a tank farm with a total storage volume of less than 1000 m3 and adheres the rules of location of tanks in accordance with the requirements of fire safety, then you do not need to obtain a license to operate such an object.

One of the activities of JSC "Belomortrans" is the operation and maintenance of petroleum, oils and lubricants bases, as well as additional services related to the operation of fuel and tank farms.

We provide the following services:

  • Field audit of the petroleum, oils and lubricants tank farm (up to 1000 m3);
  • Technological modifying of the tank farm (up to 1000 m3) in terms of ensuring the safety of fuel;
  • Organization of a petroleum, oils and lubricants base (up to 1000 m3) on autonomous territories (reservoir park of flexible or horizontal steel tanks);
  • Handling and operation of hazardous production facilities (HPF) — petroleum, oils and lubricants bases (licensable activity).

Audit and technological modifying of the tank farm

Our clients often face the problem of fuel theft, since it is the most liquid and demanded value in autonomous facilities. To prevent and minimize such losses, we recommend conducting an audit of the existing tank farm:

  • Check whether all tanks and containers, shut-off and control valves, pipeline system, metering devices for receiving and dispensing oil products are sealed;
  • Check the piping of the tank farm, whether there are any branches, unauthorized tie-ins with the possibility of uncontrolled discharge from the pipeline;
  • Check the system of organizing the work of the tank farm — personnel should not have direct access to fuel, the arrival and consumption of fuel must pass strictly through the counting devices;
  • Check the existing fuel metering system and the availability of the necessary accounting documents, their appropriate execution when entering and dispensing petroleum products.

JSC "Belomortrans" provides an on-site audit of the fuel fleet at fields and autonomous facilities, if the company does not have the opportunity to conduct such an audit on its own.

Within a few days, a mobile team of our specialists will inspect your petroleum, oils and lubricants depot and carry out the necessary work to ensure the safety of your fuel.

Organization of a tank farm from scratch on an autonomous territory

We also provide services of setting up fuel storages in autonomous territories. Depending on the needs of the Customer and climatic and geographic conditions, it can be either a tank farm of flexible tanks or horizontal steel tanks.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision should be made based on a large number of significant points related to the location of the fleet, the method of delivery and acceptance of fuel, remoteness from the local infrastructure and the place of work, etc.

Please note that with regard to the location of the tank farm, we do not touch upon the issues of organizing hazardous production facilities that fall under the requirements of Federal Law No.116 "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities."

Handling and operation of petroleum, oils and lubricants bases

The operation of petroleum, oils and lubricants bases for tank farms over 1000 m3 is a licensed type of activity in accordance with No.116-FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities".

JSC "Belomortrans" operates two bases of petroleum, oils and lubricants at the A. Titov and R. Trebs fields (License No. ВХ-01-008737 Operation of explosion and fire hazardous production facilities of I, II and III hazard classes).

The company’s services include:

  • Acceptance, storage and delivery of fuel at the request of the Customer;
  • Daily information on current balances;
  • Fuel quality control, sampling and quality conformance inspection for compliance with quality certificates for the supplied fuel;
  • Documentary support of operations, accounting in ACS;
  • Maintenance of the base of petroleum, oils and lubricants and current repair of equipment.

To maintain HPF facilities, the personnel of our company is staffed with highly professional specialists who have not only all the necessary training and certification, but also extensive experience in maintaining of similar facilities.

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